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Wilsonart® Solid Surface

Wilsonart created a solid surface by starting with resilience and making it beautiful. When you are looking at Wilsonart® Solid Surface, you can feel it begging you to design or redesign your home in the ways you have always imagined.

Wilsonart’s Solid Surface is one-half-inch thick, 100% acrylic surface. It is solid, nonporous and does not need to be sealed. Wilsonart’s Solid Surface is resistant to heat, mold, mildew, and stains. Even the really tough stains are easily polished away. If something terrible should happen, Wilsonart’s Solid Surface can be renewed or repaired. This means that if the unlikely occurrence of nicks or scratches, all is not lost. Your countertops are easily restored. If you are using your kitchen countertops as a good baker or chef must, you do not have to worry about cuts or scratches because even if something does happen, your countertops can be restored.

Wilsonart® Features

Wilsonart® Solid Surface has been approved by the FDA for food contact and preparation areas. It is designed with almost invisible, waterproof seams which are ideal for custom designs which include drain boards and sinks. It is easy to seamlessly match Wilsonart® Solid Surface sinks and bowls for a natural single structure appearance which creates and enhances the beauty of your countertops. Wilsonart® backs its Solid Surface products with a Residential 10-year installed, transferable warranty.

Wilsonart’s Solid Surface gives you rounded shapes and inlays, which flawlessly unite smaller sections into a single countertop. Our colors that do not fade or wear and they are the foundation for your perfect design. Wilsonart’s Solid Surface offers you amazing structural benefits, innumerable design options, incredible flexibility all with freedom of design which is only limited by your imagination. Your design vision becomes your home’s reality.

Maintenance & Warranty

Wilsonart® Solid Surface is easy on the housekeeping staff, and we all know who that will be. Because there are no pits, pores or seams harboring mold or bacteria, cleanup is simple. Unlike stone counters, Wilsonart® Solid Surface will never need sealing or resealing.

Licensed certified installation comes with a Wilsonart® Solid Surface 10-Year Limited Warranty. Additionally, GREENGUARD® certification assures you as the homeowner, that Wilsonart® Solid Surface meets the low emission guidelines required by health-conscious homeowners. Wilsonart® Solid Surface countertops are professionally installed, environmentally friendly, beautiful, durable and safe; making them your perfect choice.

Colors & Design

Wilsonart® Solid Surface provides you with a large selection of designs and colors which match your imagination, wishes, and dreams. You will choose from unique tone-on-tone designs which create incredible elegance, stylish multi-colored blends which coordinate with the latest in cabinetry and finishes or traditional designs which deliver the aesthetics of granite with the superior Wilsonart® Solid Surface performance.

For beauty that is functional, elegance that lasts, and luxury that is civilized, you must dream big! Choose Wilsonart® Solid Surface, because it will show others how much you care.