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5 Kitchen Renovation Trends for Your Houston Home

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Home Renovation, Kitchen Countertops

Is the paint starting to peel on your cabinets? Are your countertops looking dull and outdated? Maybe it’s time for a kitchen makeover! From choosing the paint color to deciding on the type of appliances, updating your kitchen is only a few steps away.

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What Are Some Popular Kitchen Design Trends?

Every year, new styles are introduced to the design market. With all of the options, it’s hard to stay up to date with all of the current trends. Here are 5 kitchen trends that will never go out of style:

  1. Natural Stone Countertops 
  2. Smart Kitchens
  3. Complimentary Tones
  4. Sparkling Quartz 
  5. Vintage Style

1) Natural Stone Countertops

Whether it’s granite or marble, natural stone countertops will make your cabinets pop. Because no two slabs are created the same, every countertop has its own set of colors and patterns.

Pro Tip: Natural stone can withstand high temperatures and sharp objects making it a countertop option versatile for any family. 

2) Smart Kitchens

It’s 2019 and the appliances we use in the kitchen are getting an upgrade. From refrigerators to pressure cookers to microwaves, the newer models are now compatible with Android, Apple, and Google devices. With microphone and Wifi-enabled, you can remotely use your appliances from the comfort of another room.

3) Complementary Tones

Do you remember learning about primary, secondary, and complementary colors in art class? One of the current trends in kitchen design is to use complementary colors as the base for inspiration. By using big pops of color, like blue and orange, you can bring your kitchen cabinets and appliances to life.

4) Sparkling Quartz 

In comparison to the popular granite countertops, quartz countertops are rising in popularity with its durability and array of design options. In comparison to the other stones on the market, engineered quartz is a nonporous stone which means that it’s been made to withstand staining and liquid absorption. This feature helps to keep quartz a countertop that is maintainable, especially because you won’t have to seal it every couple of years.

5) Vintage Style

From subway tile backsplashes to farmhouse sinks, designing a kitchen with a vintage style is a trend that continues to grow. Since vintage style normally centers around items that are repurposed, you can use items found at a thrift store or garage sale to add character to your kitchen. Unlike some of the other trends, implementing a vintage style is one of the more inexpensive ways to renovate your kitchen.

What’s Your Trend?

Staying up to date with current kitchen trends can be overwhelming, but using just one of these ideas can give you the inspiration needed for your renovation. A modern kitchen can look a number of ways. At the end of the day, every kitchen is unique and that’s what will make your kitchen the trendiest of them all. 

Looking for more ideas on how to renovate your kitchen? Join the conversation to view our wide range of design choices.

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