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How Are Granite Countertops Made?

Granite is a popular countertop material, but how are granite countertops made? Many homeowners prefer granite countertops to other stone countertop materials due to their sleek, modern look. In addition, they are highly resistant to heat and scratching, making them one of the most desired elements in a kitchen. So, you may wonder how it’s made.

When installing granite countertops in your kitchen, you should try and understand how they are made. For example, where does granite come from? How do the manufacturers transform it into beautiful countertops that you can readily install in your home? This guide answers all these questions.

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Where Does Granite Come From?

Granite originates from deep below the earth’s crust. It rises to the surface via tectonic shifts after cooling and hardening for millions of years. The granite finally gets deposited in “pits,” where it’s extracted and used in various applications, including manufacturing countertops. In the United States, most deposits are present in Texas and Georgia.

What is Natural Stone?

Granite is a famous natural stone. It’s a coarse or medium-grained intrusive igneous rock rich in feldspar and quartz. In other words, it comes from magma that has cooled and crystallized beneath the earth’s surface. Besides, the individual rock grains in granite are all visible to the naked eye. As a result, granite has a vast range of colors.

What’s the Process for Granite Countertops?

Now that you know granite, here are the steps to make granite countertops.

  • Step 1: Large blocks of granite get extracted from the deposits
  • Step 2: Milling machines slice the pieces into workable slabs
  • Step 3: The slabs get polished to smoothen and reveal their natural colors
  • Step 4: Slabs get packaged in bundles and delivered to suppliers
  • Step 5: Installers make precise measurements for the countertop size needed
  • Step 6: The slabs are cut into required sizes using computer-aided designs
  • Step 7: Cut countertop slabs are polished and installed in your home

Beautiful Stone Creations with Quality Granite 

So far, you understand how granite countertops are made, from when large chunks are extracted from earth deposits to when they are cut to fit your countertops. You can consider installing granite countertop materials in your kitchen to make your space more appealing and inviting. Thankfully, R&D Marble can help you do that and more.

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