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Avoid These Things That Can Harm Your Stone Kitchen Countertops

Stone kitchen countertops are the most beautiful interior design workspace. They are strong, extremely durable, and fabricated to withstand frequent cleaning, daily use, and food preparation. However, to increase kitchen counters’ lifespan, they require more care and maintenance to prevent damages that may occur out of ignorance. Prevention is better than cure; hence handling your countertops with caution is vital.

Homeowners may invest so much in home décor by choosing the best types of stone for their kitchen counters. Unfortunately, without knowing how to clean and care for engineered stone, their anticipated lifespan can get shortened. So, you end up spending more cash than you should. Therefore, being aware of these common mistakes to avoid will help you maintain the beauty and durability of countertops.

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Acidic Foods

Acidic household items like vinegar, soft drink, citrus fruits, tomato sauce, soap, and perfume can damage your natural stone countertops. The acidic ingredients etch and erode the solid surface in kitchens and bathrooms, causing stains and cracks. Ensure your countertops are free from acidic items to avoid splashing them on your countertops’. Cleaning the spill immediately with warm water and mild soap will help. 

Hot Pots and Pans

Countertop materials such as quartz and granite are heat resistant. However, protecting your counter from hot pots and pans will prevent the cracking of stone counters. Using trivets, hot pads, and towels that allow airflow under the hot pans and pots won’t expose the solid surface to heat. Thankfully, granite can withstand heat from hot pots and pans. The sealants, however, can not handle the excessive heat and will weaken with time.

Excessive Weight

Under pressure, many hard solid surfaces will crack. When you apply excessive weight to stone kitchen countertops, they can also break easily. Repairing the damages caused is very difficult and expensive. Therefore, avoid climbing, standing, or putting heavy objects and items on your kitchen countertops to save yourself from the expenses. Before placing any item on the countertop, please give it a second thought.

Don’t Ruin Your Kitchen’s Stone Countertops

Lack of proper care, bad habits, and lousy cleaning supplies may ruin your stone kitchen countertops. Avoiding slicing, cutting, and chopping directly on your marble, quartz, concrete, or granite countertops will make them long-lasting and durable. It is advisable to use cutting boards and wipe up drips and spills immediately to avoid permanent stains, cracks, and splits that can cause expensive damage to repair.

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